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8 ways to position yourself as an expert and build authority


If you’re tired of chasing clients and wish they would find you instead, then positioning yourself as an expert in your niche is a great way to attract clients.

This marketing strategy will help your ideal clients understand whom you help and how you can help them.

It will help you to build authority and trust, which is essential for making sales.

And, it will help you to establish a strong marketing foundation from which you can scale your business and grow.



1 . Update your marketing messaging

This step is an easy one to start with, that involves highlighting your expertise within your messaging.

Brainstorm words that describe what you are an expert in, as well as the words that describe the target market that you specialize in working with.

Use these words throughout your website copy, your online profiles, and within your service descriptions.

You may also want to consider using words such as expert, specialist, authority, professional, skilled, knowledgeable, trained, qualified, certified, experienced, competent, proficient, talented, accomplished, award-winning, and educated as examples to position yourself as an expert.

2. Consistently speak or write about your expertise

Repetition is a crucial component when it comes to positioning yourself as an expert.

The more you speak or write about your expertise; the more people will remember you for this.

As such, create content that is consistent around topics related to your specialty and share it with your audience regularly.

Depending on your strengths, you may choose to write blog articles or case studies to share your knowledge.

Or if writing’s not your strength, then perhaps you speak at live events or host a podcast.

I recommend choosing one core platform for sharing your content consistently so that you have a strong voice that isn’t diluted across multiple platforms.

3. Share a unique perspective or view

There’s a lot of content out there these days, so one way to stand out from the crowd as an expert is to share your own opinion, YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

Maybe you have a view or a twist on a topic that isn’t the same as what everyone else is sharing.

Or, perhaps you’ve seen a popular opinion out there that you can build upon, to add more value for your audience.

Whatever you choose to write or speak about, if you make it memorable and interesting, you’ll stand out to your audience as a thought leader.

4. Tell your audience that you’re an expert

When you’re first starting in business, this step may feel a little hard to do.

However, it’s essential that you tell your ideal clients that you’re an expert in your field (even if you haven’t worked with that many clients yet).

The truth is that you wouldn’t have started your business if you didn’t have value to give.

And, you likely have years of experience, skills, and knowledge gained in another role before you launched your business.

Therefore, don’t be scared to share your expertise, knowledge, and skills. There will always be people out there who will be seeking and needing your help.

Don’t forget, your audience won’t know about your expertise unless you tell them.

5. Pitch to appear as a guest on relevant podcasts

Telling your story and sharing your knowledge as a guest on a podcast is a great way to position yourself as an expert and build authority.

Your host will tell their audience that you are an expert on the topic they are interviewing you on which is a strong endorsement.

And you’ll be able to promote the fact you were interviewed as an expert guest to your audience.

Before you put together your pitch, be sure to listen to the podcast, you are pitching to and understand who their audience is.

Focus on putting together content and a pitch that would help and appeal to that audience, and you’ll have more success in landing guest expert spots.

6. Highlight your qualifications or accreditations

If you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars studying to obtain a qualification, then you should absolutely promote it.

Update your website (or your reception/sales area if you have a physical location) to include your qualifications or certificates.

And ensure you have applied for the accreditations that will add to your business credibility and authority.

Also, update your online profiles and perhaps your email signature if it’s relevant to include your credentials alongside your job title or name.

If you don’t have qualifications or accreditations, then consider if it’s worth investing the time and money to obtain them.

7. Promote testimonials that highlight your expertise

If you’re fortunate to have a lot of client testimonials, then be selective about the ones that you promote to your audience.

If you’ve chosen to position yourself as an expert for a specific target market, then only show the testimonials from these types of clients.

Or, if you specialize in a particular technique or method, then pick out the testimonials from these types of clients and promote them at the top of the list of testimonials on your site.

If you don’t have many client testimonials yet, then consider asking your past employers or mentors to write a testimonial for you highlighting your area of specialty.

8. Demonstrate that you can help others get results

As an expert, your prospective clients will expect that you can get the results.

So, one strategy that you can use to highlight and demonstrate your expertise is to help someone get a quick win or result.

There are several ways you can do this, including:

  • 👉Sharing a lead magnet
  • 👉Inviting them to a webinar
  • 👉Writing a blog or recording a podcast

Within these content pieces, incorporate a small step or process that your ideal client could take to get started on solving the problem that they have.

Another way to show results is to share client testimonials where your past clients have referenced the results they achieved while working with you.

Hope this helps you to build your dream life 🙌🏼

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