Welcome to Your Multidimensional Journey!

Hola Soulprenuer

I'm Ro Faraco, a vibrant multipreneur, coach, and photographer hailing from the lush hinterland of Mullumbimby, Australia. ⛰️

✨My Approach ✨

Holistic Transformation, Grounded Success

A blend of intuition and action to empower your soul-aligned success.

I'm on a mission to help passionate female entrepreneurs like you awaken the multidimensional goddess within and craft brands that radiate authenticity (think Beyoncé meets Malala!).

Forget cookie-cutter branding, we're talking about unleashing your unique magic and making a heart-centered impact on the world!

My Story in 3 Acts

Act 1: Argentina to the World

My story begins under the vibrant skies of Argentina, a land pulsating with passion.

Did you know Argentina holds the world record for the longest tango ever danced? 48 hours straight! That fiery spirit runs deep in my veins.

As the eldest of three sisters, I shared a room for most of my childhood, forging a deep bond with my siblings.

Growing up in Rosario, a vibrant city with a hidden underground network, I learned to navigate life with both independence and a strong sense of family. Here, I embraced the thrill of skateboarding and took my first steps into adulthood, studying hotel management. 

While my family was fiercely protective, with my dad initially hesitant about me working at a young age, it ultimately fueled my desire to forge my own path in the world.

These early experiences instilled in me a sense of resourcefulness, a deep love for adventure, and a burning desire to create my own success.

Act 2: From Silent Observer to Visual Storyteller

Let's rewind a bit. Picture this: a bustling underground bar in the heart of Rimini, Italy. 

Back then, at the vibrant age of 24, I wasn't always the most vocal person. (Can you guess how old that makes me now? ) But something about the energy of that place, the clash of music and laughter, ignited a spark within me.

In that moment, I found myself drawn to my ex-boyfriend's camera. It felt almost like a lifeline, a way to capture the essence of the scene without needing words.

Little did I know, that impulsive decision would lead to my first ever gallery exhibition – showcasing the raw energy of Rimini during the bar's opening night. Talk about wild!

This experience ignited a passion within me. I saw the power of visuals to transcend language, to connect us on a deeper level, to tell stories that resonate far beyond words.

And that's when I knew I wanted to help others harness that same power, to use visuals to tell their own unique stories (and let's be honest, who doesn't love a good Instagram feed?).

Act 3: From Hustle to Flow: Building Businesses with Soul

My entrepreneurial spirit always hummed, but it wasn't until I dove into the world of conscious business that I truly found my calling. Here, I discovered the importance of aligning your business with your values, not just chasing fleeting trends. 

This resonated deeply – it was time to ditch the "hustle mentality" that had me constantly on the go.

The turning point came through a deep inner journey. I embarked on healing my inner child, confronting past limitations, and doing the subconscious work necessary to truly step into my power. This included reconnecting with my body – learning to listen to its rhythms, embracing the flow of my menstrual cycle, and understanding how these cycles could fuel my creativity and business strategy.

This shift wasn't just about self-discovery; it became the foundation for my mission. I now help women entrepreneurs create brands that radiate authenticity and empower them to make a real difference in the world. 

The focus is on building sustainable, long-term businesses that allow space for both creation and impact. 

The Investment in Me

My journey wasn't always sunshine and roses. During a global lockdown, I hit rock bottom. This forced me to confront my own shadows and embark on a path of radical self-discovery. This journey wasn't just personal; it allowed me to understand the importance of inner work for the female entrepreneurs I would later serve.

Following a deep intuition, I relocated to Brunswick Heads, NSW reconnecting with nature and allowing my multidimensional self to blossom. 

This transformation wasn't without its investment – I poured over $40,000 into mentors, healers, and resources to fuel my personal growth. This commitment to self-discovery is a testament to my lifelong curiosity and my unwavering belief in the power of inner work.

 My vision is for women to embrace her multidimensionality, have fun, and make money without sacrificing their well-being. In my world, "hustle" is replaced with a powerful flow – working in alignment with your energy and purpose to achieve sustainable success.



Ro is awesome!

She captured such a nice photos, she has so much patience and makes me feel really comfortable, I love that .

You can’t imagine the results,

she got such beautiful shots.

She shows me the photos and the effect was WOW!

It was a fun and relaxed branding shoot.

She has the eye of a good artist and is super fun.


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