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Hola Soulpreneurs! 

I am, Ro your  Holistic Empowerment Coach bestie. And my mission is to empower YOU - ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, healers - to build thriving businesses that radiates your authentic expression.

Born in Argentina and shaped by a life of global exploration spanning 12 years, I've been deeply influenced by the myriad cultures I've encountered along the way.

These enriching experiences have woven the tapestry of my artistic expression.

Now settled amidst the lush landscapes of Byron Bay, Australia, I've found solace and inspiration. 

A fervent admirer of nature, a seeker of esoteric wisdom, a dancer in devotion, and an ardent gastronome, I find joy in life's simple pleasures.

My Approach✨ Holistic Transformation, Grounded Success. I combine intuition with practical action to empower individuals on their journey toward soulful success.

But how did I arrive here? Through years of immersive learning, investment and exploration. My journey has been enriched by diverse teachings, formal education, and hands-on experience across continents. 

From the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires to the serene shores of Byron Bay, I've absorbed knowledge like a sponge, constantly refining my craft.

Cant' wait to meet you

Much love. 

Are you ready to ignite your inner fire and cultivate a soul-aligned business in 2024? ✨


A potent fusion of holistic coaching, energetics, mindset mastery, and soul photography and marketing strategy that 


Brand Foundations

Delve into your essence and clarify your mission, vision, brand colors, voice, values, and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Business Coaching

Align your business with purpose, attracting ideal clients and fostering sustainable growth through soulful strategies.

Light Code Healings

Experience transformative Light Codes™️ healing sessions to clear energy blockages, upgrade identities, align chakras, and more.

Conscious Cycle Coaching (COMING SOON)

Harness the power of your moon cycle and intuition through holistic embodiment coaching to awaken your inner goddess.

Brand Identity & Visibility 

Capture the essence of your brand with captivating, personalized photos,including headshots, lifestyle imagery, and product photography, and design elements that represent your brand..

Content Strategy

Master the art of creating engaging content that fosters genuine connections with your target audience.

Style Coaching (New Service)

Elevate your personal brand with style coaching, refining your unique essence and empowering your highest self through your wardrobe.

Ready to unleash your brilliance and build a soul-aligned business that thrives?

Let's co-create your path to success!

Brand Foundations

Craft a roadmap to success. Define your mission, vision, and values, brand voice, and more to attract your dream clients and build a thriving business.


Brand strategy is the roadmap to your dream brand. We help you uncover your brand essence, define your ideal client, and craft a message that resonates, attracting your dream clients and building a thriving business.

Female Entrepreneurs Feeling Lost with Their Brand Identity. Ready to Attract Their Dream Clients.

Absolutely! Brand strategy goes beyond just visuals. We'll help you refine your brand voice and messaging, ensuring your communication is clear, concise, and resonates with your target audience. Through brand strategy, you'll develop a compelling message that effectively communicates your value proposition and attracts your ideal clients.

Brand Photography/ Video

Elevate your brand identity with captivating photos and video. From professional headshots to lifestyle shots to product photography and captivating videography. Let your unique essence shine through and connect with your ideal audience.


 Professional photographers use high-quality equipment and editing techniques for stunning, polished visuals that elevate your brand image. Also, it help create a cohesive visual style for your brand, allowing you to tell a powerful story through your images.

Absolutely! Many people feel camera shy initially. Here's how we can help:

  • Pre-Shoot Consultation: We'll discuss your goals and concerns during a consultation, allowing us to personalize the shoot experience for your comfort level.
  • Guidance and Coaching: Throughout the shoot, we'll provide gentle guidance and coaching, helping you relax and capture natural, confident expressions.

Professional brand photography is an investment that can pay off in multiple ways:

  • First Impressions Matter: High-quality visuals make a strong first impression on potential clients, conveying professionalism and credibility.
  • Stand Out from the Competition: Stunning photos help you differentiate yourself from competitors using generic stock imagery.
  • Emotional Connection: The right visuals can evoke emotions and build trust with your audience, leading to more client inquiries and conversions.

Style Coaching

Unleash your inner fire and dress for the life you desire. Elevate your personal brand with style coaching, unlocking your unique essence and creating a wardrobe that empowers your highest self.


Our coaching program helps you identify your personal style, build a wardrobe you love, and unlock your confidence through fashion.

Your style is a powerful communication tool. Coaching helps discover a wardrobe that portrays your inner fire and elevates your brand image.

Absolutely! We work with clients at all stages in their entrepreneurial journey, from those overwhelmed on what to pick to feel embody to those wanting to refine their existing style.

Light Codes ™️

Experience a Transformative Light Language Energetic Session from Home!

This session enables you to clear, unblock, and remove stuck/old energy, balancing your chakras and addressing any issues you may be experiencing in your life on an energetic level. With this modality, I am able to clear past lives and provide clarity on your future.


My coaching goes beyond strategy. I combine traditional business coaching with holistic practices like moon cycle awareness and embodiment coaching. This helps you build a successful business that aligns with your deepest values and empowers you to show up authentically.

My ideal clients are passionate female entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and artists, who are ready to ditch the self-doubt and build empires that radiate from the inside out. They're driven by purpose and crave a brand that reflects their unique essence

Through our coaching sessions, you'll gain clarity on your mission, vision, and unique selling proposition (USP). We'll develop a roadmap for your business and brand strategy, and you'll learn how to attract your ideal clients with confidence. You'll also gain powerful tools for personal growth and self-discovery, paving the way for lasting success.

Conscious  Cycle Coaching

I help you unleash your inner fire and build a soulful business aligned with your purpose, crafting a magnetic brand that attracts ideal clients and fuels sustainable growth.Master your moon cycle and intuition, guided by holistic embodiment coaching, as you heal from self-doubt and unleash your inner goddess.


Conscious Cycle Coaching goes beyond traditional coaching by specifically focusing on the cyclical nature of your menstrual cycle. We incorporate holistic embodiment practices to help you understand and harness the unique energy of each phase (follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual). This empowers you to make more aligned decisions and unlock your intuitive wisdom, ultimately leading to a deeper connection with your inner goddess.

Absolutely! Even if you're new to the concept, Conscious Cycle Coaching offers valuable tools for self-discovery. Through holistic embodiment practices like breathwork and movement, you can gain a deeper understanding of your body's natural rhythms and connect with your intuition. This self-awareness will empower you to navigate life's challenges more effectively and unlock your inner confidence.

Our coaching program specifically addresses the emotional fluctuations commonly experienced during the menstrual cycle. We'll guide you through practices that can help you manage self-doubt and negative emotions, fostering self-compassion and acceptance. By understanding your cycle, you can learn to utilize its different phases for personal growth and unleash your inner goddess at every stage.

Why Collaborate with Ro?

My passion for story telling started many years ago in Italy and since I have become a branding expert with helping female entrepreneurs build powerful, impactful brands. Through my strategic approach, I've helped countless businesses achieve their goals, build impactful brands that attract their dream clients and achieve significant growth.


There is not better time like the NOW, let's activate inner leader, magnetize your magic, and build a business that sings your soul's song.

Transform Your Brand: What Clients Say

Ro is an amazing coach! Working with her helped me getting to know my self in a way, also I was able to  establishing skills I still use to navigate through everyday life challenges. Highly recommend!

CEO - German Travels

Working with Ro was amazing!

She captured my products as nobody did before.

The pictures she took are awesome and we had a very fun time shooting.

Would definitely recommend her to anyone !

Thanks Ro!

Marry Pastri

Ro is awesome!

She captured such a nice photos, she has so much patience and makes me feel really comfortable, I love that .

You can’t imagine the results,

she got such beautiful shots.

She shows me the photos and the effect was WOW!

It was a fun and relaxed branding shoot.

She has the eye of a good artist and is super fun.




Belen envisions a world where every woman is empowered to confidently embrace her worth, unlock her potential, and fearlessly create the life she desires, fostering a global community of empowered and fulfilled women.


Laura helps individuals heal from trauma and rediscover their inner strength through nervous system regulation and authentic connection.

Her brand photography reflects the journey of reconnection, empowerment, and living a life of purpose.


Melbourne's rising pop star, Alana, brings infectious melodies and powerful vocals.

Get ready to move and be inspired by her music.





+ 30 Happy Clients around the Globe

Empowering visionary women to build sustainable, cycle-aligned businesses rooted in personal healing and brand authenticity. I go beyond the lens to help you discover and express your unique essence, even if you've never posed before or done inner work. Through coaching and creative content, we'll unlock your full potential.

In just one hour ro has managed to overturn my beliefs and to recognize the patterns that I use every day to express myself and work in life. To say mind blowing it's not enough. Her point of view that completely changes the way I see myself and has gave me the tools to reflect on how to change for the better and grow as a person and as a woman in life and bussiness. 

 - Martina -
Bussiness Owner

Our Strategy call was nothing short of amazing. It felt like chatting with a dear friend, yet the insights you provided turned my passion into a solid foundation for my business. Your guidance helped me craft a clear message to present myself to the world confidently.

Throughout our conversation, I felt completely at ease and supported by you. You created a space where I could truly be myself, and as a result, I emerged with a newfound clarity and confidence.

I can't wait for our photoshoot next week. I know that with your expertise, the magic will flow effortlessly, and I'll be able to showcase the best version of myself to the world. 

Thank you for everything!

 -Belen -
Mindset Coach

Ro is very direct and assertive, the best for those who want to finally assume the responsibility of being happy, who don't hold back (or want to stop doing so) and have the courage to change to express the highest version of themselves, heal from traumas we all accumulate in our minds and bodies and live a free and happy life. Although being direct rocio she is extremely kind and come from a space of service for women. She really cares and do the job herself first. Her passion and commitment are remarkable.

- Shannel -
Bussiness Owner


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