Based on this experience, I thought it would be helpful to explore an essential aspect of a business – the field of marketing- and see how it can be done in an ethical or conscious way. 

I chose marketing because marketing is messaging- and your messaging is a huge influencer on your outcomes in life generally and business, specifically.

So, tell me, you business owners out there, small or large, retail, industrial or corporate, do you think it would be helpful for you to get some ideas and strategies on growing your business through a conscious approach to marketing?

Marketing is an all-pervasive fact of life- it’s an influencer, it’s a force, it’s an environmental condition. Raising our awareness around this, both as business people and as consumers help shape the future of marketing- because, marketing can only work if it gets the message right and, if we are conscious, then the marketing message must also evolve in consciousness in order to grab our attention. 

Get it? 

The more conscious we are, the more we only listen to conscious messages then the more we contribute to the evolution of consciousness and that is a vital mission for us on the planet today.

So what is marketing?

Marketing is the designing of a message (the word, the look, the feel) and the process by which that message is communicated with the intention of influencing the receiver of that message to take action. Traditionally, it was all about the 4 Ps: your Product, your Price, your Placement and your Promotion. Marketers, work tirelessly at packaging these 4 things in such a way that they can be promoted to the general community as attractive and worthy and beneficial.

Is there anything wrong with that, NO? It’s actually a form of self-esteem, in away. I‘ll create a great product, at a price that reflects the appropriate value for this product, I’ll position it appropriately in the market place and I’ll make it attractive and visible so that people desire it. That’s awesome, nothing wrong with that. We should all do that for ourselves, whether it be our personalities, our bodies, our homes, our views on life. Know ourselves, recognize our true value, position ourself and be as attractive and visible as we desire to be. So why do so many of us cringe at the thought of marketing? Why do so many of us shake our heads and run the other way? Because marketing has lost its soul because marketing has been corrupted by greed because marketing has been hijacked by self-serving forces. Marketing has ignored ethical rules and pursued capitalism to its darkest recesses.

So what do conscious, aware people do when they run a business? Unfortunately, many of them stay away from marketing, they see it as unspiritual or pushy or lacking in dignity. As a result, the message of these people is less visible, hidden, crowded out by those clamoring for financial gain and power.

This can’t be the answer, where the most aggressive or greedy, gain the greatest piece of the pie. Instead, there needs to be a revolution, a revolution towards conscious marketing, ethical practices, and conscious capitalism. A revolution where the focus is on how the business of business is no longer only the bottom line but the business of business is making the world a better place. This means that every product or service is designed with a soul, with intent, with a commitment to enhancing the lives of others. 

Every offering into the market place comes after answering the question – what problem am I solving here? and am I really solving the problem of distracting from it, creating another problem or just creating a different problem?

Well, guess what, all this already exists, the revolution has already begun. Conscious Marketing and Conscious Capitalism are a “ thing”.

What is Conscious Marketing?

Conscious marketing is all about building something so compelling and so good right into the heart of your business and services that people tell others about you and share your business with others – they become advocates for you which means you require little advertising and mass marketing. Also, it starts with having products and services that fill a human need rather than creating a superficial want.

We’ve mentioned the traditional 4 Ps of marketing, you have your 5Ps of Conscious Marketing can you explain them to us

There are five core areas of conscious marketing; personal (you and what you stand for belief in and how you show up in service to others), purpose (why you do what you do), product (what it is you are offering), people (who you serve and impact) and the last part is promotion which is only done once all the other ingredients are right. Most people focus on promotion first which is the wrong way round. It's about building community and creating a movement of sorts around your business.

Can you expand on the role of purpose in conscious marketing?

We need to exist for a reason beyond profit. Why you do what you do is more important than what you do or how you do it? People get that and they buy that first.

Brand Awareness is key to the success of a business – what is that and how do you build brand awareness consciously?

You build brand awareness by:

  • ➡Firstly by knowing what you stand for and believe in and being uncompromising in that. You can’t appeal to everyone, if you try to, you will appeal to no one. People buy what you stand for not what you sell;
  • ➡By genuinely caring about others and giving them an experience of you that goes beyond their expectations;
  • ➡By having a brand that is warm, friendly, inviting, unique and compelling;
  • ➡By building relationships – know who is in your community, what they need and want, listen to them, serve them, care about them;
  • ➡By telling stories – your own and others and by being vulnerable, authentic and real; and
  • ➡By having a product/service that is unique and compelling.

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