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I recently collaborated with a holistic therapist Laura Escudero from Argentina.

This woman is just one of those people that you want to be around, she has such beautiful, calming energy. 

As soon as she smiles at you, you can’t help but take a breath and relax.

If you ask me how important is brand photography ... 

the question is obvious, it is key to really show the world who you are and why you do what you do.

We had 2 zoom calls before the shooting day. 

📞The first call was to get to know each other, what her business is about, and how she is using social media.
After the call she has to work on : 

✅why you do what you do - this is the belief system that helps people connect with you 

✅ how you do it - demonstrates how you fulfill this purpose

Having clarity on who are you serving will give you clarity on which kind of content you need to create in order to connect with your audience.

📞In the second call, we go deeper into the emotions her brand needs to start showing to using the power of the pictures itself ... those emotions that have to show up in the content... The results were incredible, in the amount of content that I had not been able to see before.

The session lasted an hour and a half, and we created content for 3 months.


I also was impressed on how cohesive and well we work together as a team, she moves in her natural way of being, that makes my job really easy, I did not have to guide her. 

Meet Laura Escudero 🙏

If I’m being honest, I was terrified when I started my business in 2016, 4 years ago.
But I knew that there were so many possibilities waiting for me outside of my comfort zone, so I went for it!
I’m so glad I did because I’ve been able to serve amazing people like Laura @embodied.alchemyy .

This woman is just one of those people that you want to be around, she has such beautiful, calming energy.
As soon as she smiles at you, you can’t help but take a breath and relax, and boy can she give a great massage!

There’s so much joy in what I do, and for that, I am so very thankful.

I have had the pleasure to experience some of Laura treatments and way of being in her daily basis, that is a big part of who she is, and how much she takes care of her self can be expanded on all the love that she put in the work that she loves to do, to heal, to breath and find yourself in your own skin. Exploring your soul has is priceless –

Have you struggled with ways to represent your personal brand?

When it comes to showing your personal brand online, there’s no better way to do that than by showing YOURSELF.

That’s why it’s so important to have a portfolio of strategically planned, personally branded photos to use across various platforms

 It was the most beautifully relaxing branding session I have ever had.

Here are some of the images we created for her Instagram feed ….


Empowering other women thought my lens is priceless.

Capturing your true essence, your inner power that makes your brand unique as you are

⭐What makes you unique?
⭐What is your history?
⭐Wich one is your core values?
⭐What are your mission and vision? 

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