From Hustle to Harmony: Build a Thriving Business Aligned with Your Feminine Rhythm 

 Your Cosmic Alignment & Cycle Flow Academy

Just like Inga, were you once a successful entrepreneur feeling burnt out and disconnected from your purpose?

 Learn how CCF Academy helped Inga unlock her inner wisdom, align with her natural cycle, and build a business that feels fulfilling and abundant.

Many women entrepreneurs fall into the trap of constant hustle. But what if there was a way to build a successful business that aligns with your natural rhythm and feminine power?

In CCF Academy, Inga discovered the power of aligning her business with her moon cycle. She learned powerful moon rituals to amplify intentions, release negativity, and tap into her intuition. Through inner child work and identity exploration, Inga began to heal past traumas and limiting beliefs that were holding her back.

CCF Academy Helped Inga:

  • Harness the wisdom of her moon cycle for renewed energy & creativity.
  • Develop powerful intuition to guide her business decisions.
  • Release limiting beliefs and build unshakeable confidence.
  • Embrace her feminine energy and create a business that feels fulfilling.
  • Design a work-life balance that nourishes her mind, body, and soul.

I created CCF because I deeply believe in empowering women entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses aligned with their authentic selves. It's incredibly rewarding to witness transformations like this beautiful womens. 

CCF graduates' experiences: 

Before CCF, I constantly felt the pressure to hustle and grind. It was all about taking action, all the time. Working with Ro at CCF helped me realize the importance of balance. The program shed light on the power of feminine and masculine energies and how they can work together.

Ro's guidance was instrumental in helping me slow down, connect with my intuition, and stop relying solely on my relentless mind. This shift allowed me to make decisions based on inner wisdom, not just constant action.

By the program's end, I felt a newfound sense of security and balance. I finally felt confident in my ability to build my brand authentically and establish myself in the way I always envisioned. The clarity gained by defining my mission with Ro is a constant reminder of the profound purpose behind my business.

Thank you, Ro, for your unwavering support and for helping me find the balance between action and intuition. CCF has truly transformed my approach to business and my life.


Benefits with Emotional Connection:

Unleash Your Inner Wise Woman: Discover the power within and build a business aligned with your authentic self.

Embrace Flow, Not Hustle:
Learn to work with your natural energy fluctuations and create a sustainable business rh
Intuition as Your Guide: Develop your intuition and make clear-headed decisions fuelled by inner wisdom.

Manifest Abundance: Align your intentions with the cosmic flow and attract prosperity and success.

Empower Your Feminine Leadership: Cultivate the unique strengths of feminine energy to lead your business with grace and purpose.

Are you a woman entrepreneur ready to ditch the hustle and awaken your full potential?

Do you crave flow, purpose, and abundant success, not just in your business, but in alignment with the cosmos itself?

Imagine building a thriving feminine enterprise that flows with your cosmic cycle, fueled by the wisdom of the moon and the guidance of your higher self. Imagine harnessing the wisdom of the moon and your body to fuel your creativity and manifest your dreams.

Imagine building a thriving feminine enterprise that reflects your true essence, fueled by the wisdom of the moon cycle and the guidance of your authentic self.

This is where Cosmic Cycle Flow (CCF) Academy comes in.

CCF Academy is more than just business coaching for the modern woman entrepreneur. It's a holistic journey of transformation that empowers you to:

 Unmask Your True Essence: Embark on a deep dive into identity work and energetic exploration. Peel back the layers of conditioning and societal expectations to discover the powerful and unique woman who lies beneath the surface.

Befriend Your Ego: Learn to understand and navigate your ego, recognizing it as a tool rather than an obstacle. This allows you to access your intuition more clearly.

Harness Your Intuition: Develop the ability to discern the whispers of your inner wisdom. CCF Academy will guide you in recognizing the signs of intuition versus ego-driven desires.

Unleash Your Inner Wise Woman (Witch!): Reclaim the power within and tap into the wisdom of your higher self. This isn't just about intuition; it's about connecting with your truest, most expansive version.

Emerge from the Matrix: Shift your perspective from the limitations of the "3D matrix" and step into a reality of boundless potential. Learn to harness the power of the cosmos to support your dreams.

Align with the Moon Cycles: Discover how to chart your cycle and leverage its phases to fuel your creativity, optimize your energy, and manifest your business goals.

Embrace Cyclical Living: Honor your natural rhythm and ditch the hustle mentality. Learn to work with your energy fluctuations, not against them.

Build a Feminine Business: Design a business that reflects your unique feminine nature and allows you to thrive in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

In CCF Academy, you'll unlock:

Cosmic Connection: Powerful practices to connect with your higher self, the moon's wisdom, and the universal flow of energy.
Moon Cycle Mastery: Learn how to chart your cycle and align your business activities with each phase. Discover practices to optimize your energy levels, leverage your peak creativity, and navigate introspective phases with grace.
Food as Medicine: Explore the connection between food, hormones, and business performance. Learn how to nourish your body with cycle-specific foods to fuel your energy and brainpower.
Mindful Movement: Discover how to move your body in ways that support your cycle and business goals. Learn practices from gentle yoga flows to invigorating workouts that align with each moon phase.
Hormone Harmony: Gain a deeper understanding of your hormones and how they impact your energy, emotions, and productivity. Learn tools to naturally balance your hormones for optimal health and well-being.
Empower Your Wise Woman: Reclaim the power of the "Witch" within. Learn practices to connect with your intuition, tap into your inner wisdom, and lead your business with feminine strength and grace.
Mindset Work: Shift limiting beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset for success in business and life.

CCF Academy is more than just business coaching for the modern woman entrepreneur.

CCF Academy goes beyond strategy, delve into powerful energetic and mindset work, integration of the holly trinity ( body- mind and soul).

It's a holistic approach to success that
empowers you to:

Unmask Your True Essence

Embark on a deep dive that includes:

✔ Multi-dimensional Healing: Explore energetic pathways to healing on all levels.

✔ Trauma Healing: Release past hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

✔ Inner Child & Ego Work: Befriend your inner child and learn to navigate your ego for greater self-awareness.

✔ Identity Work: Uncover your authentic self beneath societal conditioning.

✔ Energetics: Understand the energetic forces that influence your life and business.

Awaken Your Intuition:

✔ Emotional Intelligence: Cultivate emotional intelligence for conscious leadership and authentic connection.

✔ Manifestation: Learn to manifest your business dreams with intention and alignment.

✔ Non-Violent Communication: Develop powerful communication skills for deeper connections.

✔Bounderies : Energy protection from the heart

✔ Intuition & Inner Wisdom: Discern the whispers of your inner guidance and tap into your Wise Woman power.

Align with Your Cyclical Nature:

✔ Cycle Living: Embrace the wisdom of your natural rhythm and feminine cycles.

✔ Masculine & Feminine Energy: Understand and integrate these energies for balance and growth.

✔ Moon Cycle Mastery: Harness the power of the moon to optimize energy, creativity, and business activities.

✔ Breathing Work & Deep Healing Practices: Master breathwork and other modalities for profound transformation.

Moon Rituals: 

Tailor rituals to the specific energy of each moon phase .These practices allow you to tap into the specific energies of each moon phase, supporting goal setting, releasing negativity, and aligning with your deepest desires.

Rituals Using the Four Elements:

Connecting with the earth, air, fire, and water strengthens your connection to nature and empowers deep healing and transformation.

Before CCF, I felt lost and unfulfilled. I had a vague idea of wanting to start a business, but everything seemed overwhelming. CCF provided a safe space for me to explore my inner world and connect with my true desires.

The program wasn't just about external strategies; it was a profound journey of self-discovery. Through CCF, I learned about moon cycles and how to harness their energy to feel more grounded and centered. This newfound awareness helped me quiet the noise and tap into my intuition, a powerful guide that had been dormant for so long.

Working with Ro was incredibly transformative. She held a nurturing space for me to heal old wounds and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. CCF's focus on feminine energy empowered me to reconnect with my creativity and embrace my authentic self.

By the end of the program, I felt a profound shift. I gained clarity on my life's purpose and the type of business I wanted to create. 

 Today, I feel aligned with my higher self and empowered to take the next steps towards building a business that is an extension of who I truly am.

Thank you, CCF, for helping me find myself and set the foundation for a fulfilling future!


Working with Ro at CCF has been the most empowering decision I've made for my future. 

The program's tools, combined with learning to trust my intuition, have allowed me to become the free, wild, and empowered woman I always envisioned.

Having Ro's support on this path of self-discovery feels incredible. It's clear that the work done at CCF comes from a place of genuine care and passion.

 I'm incredibly grateful for her guidance.


Our 6-month CCF Academy is your gateway to building a thriving business that aligns with your feminine rhythm and the cosmic flow. Join us and discover how to create flow, abundance, and success on your terms!

In CCF Academy, you'll learn how to set powerful intentions aligned with the moon phases. We'll guide you through practices that strengthen your intuition and open you to receive messages from the universe.

 Ready to rise as the empowered Wise Woman of your business and your life?

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Own your cycle, own your power, own your alignment. Let's create a legacy together!

 Step Into your Unique Flow 

Absolutely! Even if you're skeptical about the moon cycle's influence, this program offers valuable tools for understanding your energy fluctuations and aligning your business activities with your natural rhythm. You'll also learn about food as medicine, mindful movement, hormone harmony, and powerful business coaching strategies.

We understand that busy women entrepreneurs are strapped for time. This program is designed to be flexible and time-efficient. We offer a variety of learning formats, including modules, live calls, and recordings, so you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

No worries! We'll guide you through the process of creating simple and powerful rituals that fit seamlessly into your life. These rituals will help you connect with your intuition, set intentions, and manifest your business goals.

This program is perfect for women entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your existing business to the next level, this program will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed while honoring your feminine rhythm.

Past participants have reported experiencing increased energy, focus, and creativity throughout their cycle. They've also seen improvements in their business performance, including increased sales, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Our 6-month Holistic Embodiment Coaching Academy includes a variety of resources to support your transformation, such as in-depth course modules, monthly group coaching sessions, weekly live Q&A calls, a supportive online community forum, and exclusive member resources and bonus materials.

Hey babe, it’s Ro.

I am obsessed with helping other women to claim there power!

 I love to share my set of tools that I use to navigate life and bussiness, coming back to your center so that I can thrive. I am here for all the energetic upgrading in your life and bussines.

I will be your eye oppener to change your perspective on how you are percieving your reality, you will received real connection and support in your journey of becoming your best friend! 

Embrace Your Cycle. Maximize Your Capacity. Grow Your Brand Authentically

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